BIOL 572: Freshwater Ecology

This class is unlikely to be offered in the foreseeable future.

This is not a traditional limnology course, although we do cover some of the fundamental physics and chemistry of aquatic environments. BIOL 572 is an advanced course where we study ecological principles as they apply to freshwater habitats. The course includes an overview of aquatic habitats, but mostly we deal with general issues and concepts in ecology and focus on experiments conducted in freshwater systems. Some topics we may examine closely in any given year include trophic interactions, productivity-diversity gradients, ecological stoichiometry, anti-predator adaptations, dispersal and gene flow, host-parasite interactions, and connections to surrounding terrestrial habitats. Grades are based on a mixture of exams, papers, presentations, and participation.

When offered, it is cross-listed with ENVR 572, and students may register for either BIOL or ENVR credit.